Thursday, January 24, 2013


So he stayed dry all night YAY!!

He is going in the pot every time I place him on the potty but he is still pooping in the diaper and I have completely stopped keeping track of when he is going to poop and just focusing on how often he pees withing the hour every hour.

just random but and off subject but was at Walmart and wanted to get some chicken to eat and learned that because the were short staffed in the deli they were closing and was literally throwing away WASTING perfectly good chicken. I think it was very wasteful of the company!! Do they not know how many food shelters could use that perfectly fine chicken, how many families are hungry because they just don't have enough!!! HAVE THEY NOT HEARD OF FEED AMERICA!! And yet they have the audacity to be so wasteful and throw it in the garbage like it is nothing!!!!! I was just disgusted and in shock about it, I had to vent about it.

So his potty training is still going well and I am almost at my deadline!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

He peed in the SINK

So I had a massive amount of errands to run today and YES i got him to stay dry almost the entire time we were gone. Right before we left I put him on the potty, and he didn't do anything so I told him "okay don't pee until we get there". When we got to the doctor which is like 15 minutes away, first stop of the morning, he was actually still dry, so I took him to the bathroom held him over the sink and he peed!!!!

So right before we leave after my daughters check up I let him use it again and got nothing. Then we arrived at our next destination but he was sleep so I left him alone. He slept for about an hour but of course he woke up while I was driving so that ended my keeping him dry. We got home I changed his diaper and got ready to go out again for a few more errands after lunch and placed him on the potty before we walked out of the door. We managed a good flow for a while but it was definitely a challenge.

Tomorrow is another day to try and stay dry all day!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well it has been one week since I last shared and let me tell you we have had on and off days. One day he went every time that I placed him the potty then the next day it was like I got to him too late he had already peed in the diaper. Then he would stay dry all night!! So every morning I am thinking "okay this is going to be a great potty day!" , and it is except for when I get to him too late. so Instead of every 30 minutes I am going to try 15 minutes after I feed him, if he uses it then good I will wait another 30 and try again, but if he doesn't use it then I will try every 5 minutes until he does.

He keeps sending mixed signals, one day he cries when he has to potty then the next day he does nothing, or I am just not paying attention to his signals.

I am definitely not giving up, He will be fully trained by the time he is 9 months old.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Only caught him twice today

Safe to say that today I totally slacked off in the potty training!! Tomorrow I will be back at it again full throttle... I tell ya it is so easy not to put him on the potty once I get engaged in something called work :( any who I did however catch him twice..when he woke up this morning and when he woke up from his first nap. However we were in the car running errands yet again and I missed his two other naps.

I am not giving up he still will be fully trained by 9 months like his big sis was. We are just going to have to work together and get some sort of rhythm going so I know what his signals are. Tomorrow is note taking day, I will write down what he does before he pees, what he does while he is peeing and how he acts after he pees. I will also track how often he pees.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


He officially has no poop schedule at the moment, and it is like he is pooping earlier and earlier every day. He was pooping at noon and now he is doing it around 8:15 when I take my daughter to school which makes it difficult to put him on the potty!!!

While the past couple of days I was slacking because of all the different errands I had to run, that also interrupted his potty training time, but hopefully I get it down where I am disciplined and just take a moment and take him to the potty before we leave the house, when we first arrive at our destination (hold him over the toilet in the bathroom) and when we arrive home. To keep him thinking "okay she is going to put me on the pot soon so I can wait it out a few moments longer"

That is definitely the most difficult thing about potty training, doing it on the road, while running errands!! It will be done although a challenge, but nothing good is easy!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Still no POOP

Well today I just knew that I was going to catch his poop and what do you know he went when I had to go!! My next plan is to let him sit on the potty for ten minutes to see if I can get him to poop in the pot. I honestly think he isn't comfy when it comes to pooping on the potty just yet because he isn't sitting up on his on yet without falling over, so I am going to make him as comfortable as possible to get that poop.

His pee pee times are going well, can you believe last night he only wet his diaper once!! I think that means he is holding it now at night, but at least one time when I get up to nurse I am going to have to let him pee in the potty and maybe we will have a completely dry diaper in the am!!!

The poop quest continues as the pee is almost conquered!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Well today was a great day of potty training!! It was a challenge because he is teething and fussy but he managed to surprise me and stay dry for 4 yes 4 hours straight!!! We started the morning off right with a pee when he first woke up..check.... Then maybe 1 hour after I nursed him I put him on the potty and YES people he peed!! Then what did he do 3 hours ahead of schedule, he pooped in the diaper right after I took him off the potty!! Yes that was my fault, I could have left him there a little longer but I don't want him to confuse the potty with a lounge chair. So his poop is not on any schedule! So I changed his poopy diaper then waited another half hour and put him on the potty again because he was cry screaming for something, and it wasn't food or a toy or his teeth so I just put him on the pot and he peed for me and laid down then took a 20 minute nap. When he woke up he stayed pee free for another 2 hours. Within those two hours I was just randomly putting him on the potty when I felt like he was telling me he needed to go. After that two hours I guess that is when his gums really started to hurt and the thought of putting him on the pot went out the window. I know shame on me, LOL but that infant orajel was not working at all. But overall today was a great potty training day.

If you want to know what happened when I thought our pooping schedule was the same due to the breastfeeding, Its not! SHOCKER!! It was just a hunch, but after that day I realized that not only is he pooping twice a day the time varies because now I am paying attention to it so I can put him on the pot, go figure.

I am going to keep at it!! At this rate he will be trained in no time at all!!